At Relais du Lac your car is safe

Imagine ... your arrival in Desenzano in a beautiful sunny day in a city full of tourists from all over Italy and Europe to enjoy the warm hospitality of the shores of Lake ...

Although the premises are all positive, often a serious problem upon arriving in Desenzano be able to count on a place reserved for your car.

Especially from April to September, on weekends and in the most important dates in the calendar of fairs and congresses, research a parking becomes very difficult.

At Relais du Lac everything was easily solved by creating a huge and innovative parking garage on two levels underground.

Our guests now can count on a reserved parking space for each room booked.

On the surface, a splendid walk branches off and leads to Desenzano or Sirmione.

Pleasant is the view that the moments of relaxation spent along the beach.

The new parking garage at the Relais du Lac is also at the forefront in the safety of your car: by principals extinguishers continuous monitoring with cameras of the entire area to be part of our staff.

Park the car in the parking garage of the Relais du Lac also means greater safety: the parking garage is in fact reserved for cars of customers only authorized access.


Parking to Relais du Lac means first of all to be absolutely sure of finding a parking space is always free, available 24 hours a day 24: no restrictions on his freedom to use his car to get there and back when and how they choose. A parking space will always be free, in anticipation of his return to the hotel!


From the parking garage you surface via a lift that takes you directly to the main entrance and lobby.