At the Relais du Lac your car always has a reserved seat

… Imagine your arrival in Desenzano on a magnificent sunny day in a city full of tourists from all over Italy and Europe to appreciate the warm hospitality of the shores of the Lake …

Although the premises are all positive, often the serious problem of those arriving in Desenzano is being able to count on a place reserved for their car. Especially from April to September, on weekends and on the most important dates of the calendar of fairs and congresses, finding a parking space becomes really difficult.

At Relais du Lac all this was easily solved thanks to the creation of a huge and innovative parking garage on two underground levels. Our guests today can count on a reserved parking space for each room booked. On the surface, a splendid walk branches off and leads to Desenzano or Sirmione.


Parking at Relais du Lac means first and foremost having the absolute certainty of finding a parking space that is always free, available 24 hours a day: no restrictions on his freedom to use his car, to arrive and return when and how he prefers. A parking space will always be free, awaiting your return!


From the parking garage go up to the surface through a convenient elevator that leads directly to the main entrance and to the hall.